American Council On Africa Established By New York Rotarian - January 2005

Rotarian, and executive director of the newly established American Council on Africa, Dr. Sekou Koureissy Conde, pointed out that since 1989, at the end of Cold War, Western governments focused on initiatives to promote democratic development in Africa.

  • At that time, Dr Conde was instrumental in creating a political party in Guinea that focused on peace building through human rights, tolerance, and community development. He spent ten years working with local village leaders and emphasized the importance to involve them in peace development process. In 1996, Dr. Conde was appointed Interior Secretary and Interim Foreign Minister in Guinea. Since 2002 he has lived in New York and currently teaches at Columbia University.
    Dr. Conde also emphasiszed that he invisions Africans to learn the America model of business management to bring about development; and Americans to learn African methods of tolerance and conflict resolution.

The ACA is committed to

  • identifying, promoting, and supporting locally generated methods and practices to prevent and peacefully resolve conflict in Africa.
  • Facilitate partnerships between American and African universities, secondary schools and Civil Society and other NGO’s
  • Collect, preserve, and publish information about past and current conflicts in Africa

    For more information go to http://www.americancouncilonafrica.us/ - PO Box 386, New York, NY 10150