RI Pesident Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar Address Rotarians At United Nations - November 2005

President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar of Rotary International (second from Left)provided insight and inspiration to our organization of business and professional men and women. He stated that he is proud to be Rotarian because we work for peace and better understanding of people. He happily announced that at that morning’s Rotary International Board Meeting, new Rotary clubs in the Peoples Republic of China and Cuba were now being established. “We will now have Rotary Clubs in 170 countries”, and he hopes that in the “near future Rotary will have clubs in all the countries of the United Nations”.President Carl shared his view that it is the of youth programs of Rotary that are the best way for Rotary work for peace. “If we could have every seventeen year old be an exchange student, we would have no more wars”. He also noted that many poverty eradication programs are too big for one any one organization to solve. Therefore, Rotary’s “cooperation and continuity” the with the World Health Organization and UNICEF to eradicate polio has proven to be very effective. He encouraged Rotarians to continue to concentrate their respective efforts the Millennium Goals, especially water and literacy projects. “Water is a gift a nature and we cannot produce more, the water we drink today was here with the dinosaurs”. He also asked Rotarians to encourage the political leadership of the world to support the achievement of the United Nations Millennium Goals.