Ankara Conflict Resolution Conference Supported By Rotarians - April 2005

At the meeting of the April 13th, New York Rotarian and co-chair of the International Division, Kaan Soyak briefly discussed the Conflict Resolution Conference in Ankara that was held on March 18 2005. Rotarians from the Yerevan and Gyumri Clubs in Armenia, the Tbilisi Club of Georgia, the Baku Club of Azerbaijan, and Rotarians from District 2430 in Turkey, District 5230 in California, as well as the Rotary Club of New York attended this 3 day conference.
For more information on The NY Rotary and UN Public and Private Alliance Project go to http://nyrotary.org/00serviceprojects/contents/peaceconference.pdf Kaan pointed out that the participants successfully planned youth and cultural exchange programs and other activities to increase social, economic and commercial relations between the four countries. "We were expecting 50 to 60 Rotarians to attend, but there were more than four hundred. Representatives of the foreign ministers from the respective four countries also participated in the "Caucasus Friendship Days".
Their next project is to establish a Rotary Club in Iraq. They have already started the preliminary exploration. "Rotary principles and the Four Way Test are the best tools to bring Iraqi business people together regardless of what ethnic group." Kaan stated.