Humanitarian Partnership Established with Munich and Rotary Club of New York

The President of the Rotary Club of Munich - International, Raphaela Stricker (second from right) and Rotarian Hans-Dieter Lohneis (right) visited New York to promote and develop an international partnership with the Rotary Club of New York. President Raphaela’s initiative is for the two clubs to collaborate to finacially support and conduct international humanitarian projects and to enhance cross-cultural ties and friendship.

Lina Shehayeb,(third from left) a visiting Rotarian from Lebanon and frequent guest at the Rotary Club of New York, received a grant from the Rotary Club of New York’s Foundation. The grant will assist Lina's Club in Lebanon to provide humanitarian assistance to some of the victims of the recent devastating war in her country. Also included in the photo are Ed Gray (second from left) Chairman of the Rotary Club of New York’s Foundation, Giorgio Balestrieri, (third from right) Chairman of New York’s International Division and Kaan Soyak (left).

Tom McConnon