The International Service Division of the New York Rotary Club is delighted to present this newsletter in order to demonstrate the commitment and continuing support of Rotary to the United Nations and its Millennium Development Goals.This newsletter will also serve as a platform for information and dialogue between all Rotarians who are interested in the programs of the United Nations and in contributing towards achieving its goals. We invite you to share your experiences from collaboration in projects between Rotary and the United Nations. Please forward any examples and comments regarding recent projects to nyrotaryun@aol.com. Also all Rotarians are invited to attend the NY Rotary International Breakfast Meetings which are normally scheduled on the third Wednesday of every month and held at the German House located at 871 United Nations Plaza (49th St. and First Ave). These meeting provide an opportunity for Rotarians to stay informed regarding United Nation programs and to exchange views on related topics with UN officials and representatives of its member states. Reservations for attending the meetings can be made at ny.rotary@verizon.net and copy to GBRotary@aol.com.

Giorgio Balestrieri - International Division Chairman,
John German Co-Director,
Josef Klee - Coordinator,
Sylvan Barnet - Rotary International Alt. Representative to the UN,
Tom McConnon - Newsletter Editor
Other Committees of the International Service Division

- Ambassadorial Forum for Peace & Understanding
A. Boccardelli - H. Kilic

- Ambassadorial Scholarships & Group Study Exchange
E. Corredor - R. Sainburg
Ambassadorial Scholarships

- Art, Business, Creativity and Disabilities
S. Parrino

- Conflict Prevention & Interreligious Dialoges
G. Balestieri - K. Soyak

- Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation
K. Soyak - M. Tajima

- Gift of Life
W. Currie

- Health Educational Programs
G. Giovannoni - G. Balestrieri

- IT Projects - Education/Literacy
J. German - K. Kilinc

- Media & Public Relations
T. McConnon - N. Ozturk

- Rotary Extension
H. Schneider - K. Soyak

- Rotary International Convention 2008
President Elect

- UN / International Service Division Meetings
J. Klee - T. McConnon
UN / RI Programs
(S. Barnet - H. Reisler)

UN Public-Private Alliance Projects
(Z. Andrianarivelo - N. Soyak)

Young Girls' Education
(T. Johnson)

Water & Environment
( P. Caruso - A. Viscardi)

World Community Service
(W. DeLong)