Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture

An invited guest at the April 2012 meeting was the Founding Executive Director of the Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture, Lynn Yen (top right corner).  Ms. Yen's organization has rented Carnegie Hall and is producing a concert on Mothers' Day where 1,500 NYC school children from 400 schools have been invited, free of charge.  The foundation will be promoting classical music education and enjoyment throughout the city.

The May 13th concert, entitled "FROM MAO TO MOZART TO STERN: Commemorating Isaac Stern’s 1979 China Visit”, will feature pianist Tian Jiang, and will be wonderful for students in particular. Tian Jiang was one of the young Chinese musicians chosen by Isaac Stern when Stern traveled to China in 1979, to open China to participation with Western Classical music. During the Mao Cultural Revolution, such music was banned. Tian Jiang is now returning the favor to the West, offering his concerts through our Foundation to young Americans.

This concert is dedicated to the memory of the fruitful project of Isaac Stern: Western classical music is now greatly championed in China. This is why this concert is entitled “From Mao to Mozart to Stern”, named after Mr. Stern’s documentary, “From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China”, which won the 1981 Academy Award for best Documentary. They have linked the movie, which is on YouTube, to the top left hand of our webpage: http://www.fftrocc.org/carnegie.htm.
They are inviting our fellow Rotarians to attend this wonderful concert.