Brazil Mission Outlines Priorities

The guest Speaker at the April 2013 meeting was Aloisio Barbosa De Sousa Neto (middle), the Second Secretary on the Brazilian Mission. He joined the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil in 2007 after receiving a degree in International Relations at the University of Brasilia in 2006. He is currently very active in the 1st Committee of the General Assembly which deals with Disarmament and International Security
A founding member of the United Nations, Brazil has a long tradition of contributing to peacekeeping operations. Brazil has participated in 33 United Nations peacekeeping operations and contributed with over 27,000 troops. Currently, Brazil contributes with more than 2,200 troops, military observers and police officers in three continents.
Brazil has led the military component of the United Nations Stabilisation Mission in Haiti. (MINUSTAH) since its establishment in 2004. The mission's Force Commander is Major General Fernando Rodrigues Goulart of the Brazilian Army. Brazil is the biggest troop contributing country to MINUSTAH, with 2,200 active military personnel.
Brazil also leads the Maritime Task Force (MTF) of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon. (UNIFIL). Since February 2011, the UNIFIL MTF is under the command of Rear Admiral Luiz Henrique Caroli of the Brazilian Navy. The Brazilian Niteroi class frigate, União, is the flagship of the fleet comprising vessels from three other countries. (from Wikipedia)

Financial contribution

Brazil is the tenth largest contributor to the United Nations regular budget, with a net contribution of US$38 million for the 2012 Assessment