What was Rotary in 1918?

What is Rotary?
From the New York Times Historical Data Base
A Full Page Advertisement from May 22, 1918

A Rotary Club is an organization of business men bound together by the understanding to better the life and conditions in the community. Primarily the idea was to stimulate interchange of business among members, but this proved provincial and has long been discontinued. Today Rotary stands for the highest ideals in the business and social life, with benefit to all, and favoritism to none.
There are 888 clubs in as many cities of the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Cuba. The movement stated in 1905, and today there are 86,806 Rotarians each pledged to an unselfish duty. The Rotary Club of New York has 412 members, each representing a different line of business or profession. By virtue of its membership principles , Rotary cannot be dominated in a single selfish direction, but must serve the greatest number fearlessly and trustily. These leaders of industry offer this page to the public as an expression of sincerely in business and community betterment.
Rotarians are in business to serve. If you go to one of these advertisers on this page, or purchase his merchandise, you are assured of full value, courtesy and no misrepresentation.