By 1940 Rotary international was one of the largest international organizations in the world. There were more that 10,000 club in more than 30 countries. Furthermore, the organization was devoted to promoting peace around the world.

As such, rotary was very helpful in promoting the object of the United Nations. And the Rotary Club of New York was one of most international Rotary Clubs. More than 45 delegates attended the Conferences that created the modern UN. In addition, many Retrains and Rotary Clubs played vital roles in the formative years of The United Nations and in making New York city the Permanent Headquarters of the United Nations.

Early Timeline of the Formation of the United Nations

January 1 1942 - The United Nations Declaration is signed at the White House pledging the twenty-six governments to cooperate to win the war.

October 1943 Moscow Conference where the necessity of establishing a general organization for the maintenance of international peace and security was recognized

September 1944 Dumbarten Oaks the major allied powers agreed upon definite proposals for a general international organization to maintain peace and security and to promote the general welfare
Feb 1945 the Yalta Conference the proposals of the Dombarton Oaks conference proposals were agreed upon by the United State, the United Kingdom the soviet Union and subsequently China lead by .

April25 1945 the San Fransisco Conference for a nine week conference where the Charter for the United nations Organization was agreed upon

Summer of 1945 the Preparatory Commission translated the terms of the charter into detailed recommendations for the various organs of the organization

October 24 1945 the Charter was ratified by all fifty-one members

Jan 10 1946 the first General Assembly was called to order to bring the organization into being.