North Korea and the United Nations

H.E. Mr. KIM Bong-hyun, the Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations for South Korea was the guest speaker at the July 2009 International Breakfast meeting of the Rotary Club of New York. After studying in Korea, Ambassador Kim received a Masters degree form the University of Illinois in 1982 and has served in posts in Japan, the Russian Federation, and Pakistan. He also shared with the Rotrains that he has just completed his PH. D. During the 56th General Assembly, he also served as the General Assembly's Presidential assistant.

The Ambassador outlined that the July 2009 North Korean nuclear test is the most pressing issue facing the Security Council and the passage of Resolution 1874 of the Security Council expressing its gravest concern that the nuclear test and missile activities carried out by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea have further generated increased tension in the region and beyond, and determining that there continues to exist a clear threat to international peace and security. encourages UN member states to search North Korean cargo, in the aftermath of an underground nuclear test conducted on 25 May 2009.

While there are approximately 50 million in south Korea and 23 mission in North Korea Ambassador Kim emphasised that to understand the Korean peninsular there is an important elements must be understood. First and formost the the Korean people are a Confusion based society for more than 800 years. As such, a Confusion Society there is instilled in all Koreans a strong loyalty to country, respect for elders, and faithful and obediance to family.

The Ambassador also emphasised that South Korea with an economy the size of Brazil or India is the world's leader in ship building and a leading country of computer production and automobile production.and ranks about thirty ith in contributing to the support of the United States. While it contributes about 1 Billion to the MDG it plans to increase its donations to 2 billion in 2012, and 3 billion in assistance by 2015.

North Korea on the other hand is reliant on food aid and earns most of its hard currency from selling military and weapon systems to Iraq and Syria.

The other issues for the future are that Kin's oldest son is living outside of North Korea, and Kim is grooming his third son to replace him in light of his poor health. Reports that Kim Jong Il suffered a stroke in mid-August heightened speculation about a successor.
Kim will hand leadership over to his third son, Swiss-educated Kim Jong Un, who is in his mid-20s, Passing power to a third son is not customary and may not be considered ligament to the NK citizens.. However, the possibly of a collopsed state is also a huge concern of China where they would have to curtail a huge number of refuges cross over the China Boarder.

China and Russia as neighbors of North Korea were very affected by the possible pollution of this testing and both have joined in the resolution. There are still 30,000 United States Troops station on the border.