Miss America Visits The Legendary Rotary Club of New York.

Ms.Mallory Hagan, the newly crowned Miss America is a 23 year-old resident of Park Slope, Brooklyn and a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising, Marketing and Communications.  She visited the legendary Rotary Club of New York in October 2012.
 Mallory outline some of the organizations she is working with such as Girls Inc., Boys and Girls Club, American Cancer Society, and the Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty.
After her reign as Miss New York, Ms.Hagan planed to use her $10,000 scholarship to finish her degree and pursue a career in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing. However, in January 13, 2013  she won the Miss America Contest!   It was a joy and a pleasure to view her acheivements, and many more doors have opened for her. It could not have happened to a nicer person.

 "Rotarians cannot live on Econimic Development and World Peace alone." Tom McConnon