Chemical Weapons Taboo - Virginia Gamba - Disarmament Affairs at the United Nations

Our guest speaker at the September 18 2013 meeting was Ms. Virginia Gamba and Director of the Office for Disarmament Affairs (left in photo). She holds an MSC in Strategic Studies from Aberystwyth University Wales and has worked as a technical advisor in the Americas, Africa and Europe and she is the author of forty publications on crisis prevention, and nuclear proliferation>  Her office oversees two multilateral conventions approaching universal membership that outlaw biological and chemical weapons.  These have helping to sustain a global taboo against the existence of such weapons.

"Hope for a future world without nuclear weapons" - Twenty years ago, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine renounced their nuclear arsenals


www.un.org - Office for Disarmament Affairs Director Virginia Gamba represented Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the event. Two decades after having renounced their nuclear weapons arsenals, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine called upon the international community to redouble efforts towards eliminating all nuclear weapons. Abolishing all nuclear weapons is "the most ardent aspiration of mankind.