El Salvador at the UN. A New Gerneration

Our guest speaker at the October 2013 meeting was  Ambassador Ruben Hasbun. The Ambasaor who asked to be called "Ruben", first thanked The New York based, and Rotary supported Gift of Life Program.  Eleven beautiful Salvadoran children received the Gift of Life this week at Hospital Bloom in El Salvador thanks to there amazing medical teams and our wonderful sponsors: Rotary Club of Naples, Michael Grech Memorial Foundation, Digicel El Salvador, Rotary District 7190, Rotary Clubs of Latham, Delmar, Scotia, Schenectady, Rotterdam Sunrise, Glens Falls, Club Rotario Santa Tecla and the Rotary Foundation. 11 Lives Saved This Week in El Salvador (11 photos) 
Rubin is the Deputy Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations and before that post was Minister Counselor, in charge of human rights and social affairs> He also held the post of International Civil Society based in Tokyo, Japan for seven years were he earned his MA degree in International Politics at Aoyama University.   Rubin is fluent in Japanese and four other languages besides his native Spanish.

From the UN Website:  RUBÉN ARMANDO ESCALANTE HASBÚN  supported the fruitful work done on crime prevention and criminal justice, in particular towards the elimination of violence against migrants, migrant workers and their families, which was the subject of one of the resolutions currently before the Council.  Ecuador made that issue a priority and, therefore, was one of the sponsors of that text.  However, it felt that it could include other elements, such as the importance of a larger number of ratifications to the Convention on the Rights of Migrants and their Families.

On human rights, he also supported the presentation of the report of the Committee on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights, and hoped that the request for extra meeting time would be adopted by consensus.  The rights of older persons was an issue of growing importance, he said, and noted the upcoming Conference on Ageing in that respect.  As the report on that matter pointed out, the ageing of the population was one of the most important changes in global demographics in the twenty-first century.

Lastly, on the issue of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, he said that his delegation attached great importance on the resolution adopted this year by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women on indigenous women.  El Salvador would continue to play an active role in the facilitation process of an inclusive draft resolution on the preparation of the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.